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Isn't This the Same as the Google Ad Preview Tool?

Kind of! Essentially Local PPC Spy runs that tool every hour during the time period you specified and aggregates the results into one report. If you are only interested in knowing the businesses whose paid ads show up all the time, then the Google tool is all you need. Run it once and you have your answer (as a convenience we provide that tool, free of charge, in the tools section of this page). But if you are interested in the long tail; in the businesses that advertise occasionally on Google, then Local PPC Spy is the tool you need.


How can I test keywords, not phrases

Local PPC Spy does not work that way. Instead it simulates a (potential) customer. When a customer does a Google search they type in a phrase, not keywords. Keywords come into play when Google applies the matching rules specified for each ad. Since each advertiser might have different matching rules, we can not generate our results based on keywords.