7 Steps For Getting New Customers Using Local PPC Spy

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Aug. 3, 2020

Getting new customers is hard. It’s even more difficult in the digital marketing space because the barriers to entry are low and there are so many competitors. To win in this space, you need a strategy to differentiate yourself.

One particularly powerful differentiation strategy is going local. You win by being the only PPC provider who shows up with a knowledge of their industry and their local competitive environment. While your competitors are trying to be everything to everybody, you win by being the right provider for the job. So how does this work? Try our 7 step plan!

Step 1: Pick an Industry

Pick an industry that primarily serves the geographical location it is in. For example, barbers or plumbers or orthodontists, etc… Learn everything you can about this industry. Is it growing? Shrinking? What are the issues that keep business owners up at night. What are the new opportunities? A lot of this information can be obtained just by looking at business websites. What are they selling? What is their marketing message?

Step 2: Choose a Geographic Location

Choose a geographic location near you and run Local PPC Spy for at least 3 days. This will give you a great understanding of the PPC competitive landscape. 

Step 3: Run Local PPC Spy

Look at the Paid Ads section of the Local PPC Spy Report. Usually there will be a few businesses that are dominating the paid ads and ranking high on organic search. They are probably happy with their PPC so they will probably not be very interested in what you have to offer.

Step 4: Select Your Targets

Instead your targets are the ones who do a little bit of PPC advertising, have a weak presence in organic search and a weak landing page. The fact they are doing a little PPC advertising indicates they are open to PPC advertising. The rest indicates they could use some help. Below is a example of the paid ads bar chart. In this example, the second to the top is Sportsmans Plumbing at 60%. Near the bottom is Northern Air Plumbing at 9%. This indicates they have interest in using Google Ads. Maybe 9% is where they want to be. Then again, maybe they don't know how they stack up. It's worth looking into.

Step 5: Create a Proposal

Create a proposal for how you can help them. Your industry knowledge, your knowledge of the competitive landscape and your knowledge of their website will communicate that you would be committed to serving their needs.

Step 6: Add the Secret Sauce

Use the Local PPC Spy Report to help close the deal. Many business do not know how they compare to their competition in the PPC space. Seeing that information as a bar chart can have a big impact.

Step 7: Repeat

Repeat; no doubt there are many additional geographic locations you can target. Take what you have learned and go after the next location. 

Sign up for Local PPC Spy now! Happy prospecting!